Beware of the old white grandpa at point chev beach

By Aiwa Pooamorn from Have You Ever Been With An Asian Woman Before?, 2019. Full title: Beware of the old white grandpa at point chev beach, he walks there every afternoon.

If you go to point chev beach

the one with the glory hole toilet

an old white grandpa in a faded polo t-shirt

grey slacks and leather jandals will tell you he is:

  • lonely
  • single
  • divorced
  • neglected by his two kids

He will stare

through thick gold-rimmed glasses at you

you in your saggy warewhare one-piece

your half-empty bottle of $8 red wine

He will ask if you are:

  • Filipino
  • Malaysian
  • Indonesian
  • Chinese
  • Thai

He will tell you he knows Thai women:

  • Thai women they love to drink
  • Can’t roll their r’s
  • Thai women tell him they not ‘postitute’
  • They give him good massage
  • They ask to have a glass of his wine
  • They drink the whole bottle

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