Have You Ever Been With An Asian Woman Before? (2019)

Aiwa Pooamorn, Helen Yeung and Gemishka Chetty setting up at St Kevins Arcade

“Have you ever been with an Asian woman before?” was an interactive art installation for First Thursdays on the 4th of July. Driven by Gemishka Chetty and Aiwa Pooamorn, this was a collaborative work between poets, visual artists and creatives, focusing on feminist conversations, and reclaiming our narratives as Asian women in Aotearoa.

As part of the installation, Helen Yeung of Migrant Zine Collective curated a zine in response to the misogynistic and racially charged question of: “Have you ever been with an Asian woman before?” Contributors were invited to release their pent up anger on experiences of being exoticised, fetishised and treated as the Other. More importantly, to celebrate their unruly, bold and unapologetic voices as an Asian women.

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