Goodbye Turmeric Latte (2019)

The turmeric latte or “Golden Milk” started popping up a few years ago in cafes as a healthy alternative to coffee, celebrating the anti-inflammatory properties of the root. All it was however, was a commonly used South Asian/Ayurvedic Indian remedy, Haldi Doodh (or turmeric milk).

Living in diaspora, the health and beauty practices of people-of-colour have often been questioned and made fun of until they catch on to become popular Western fads. Herbs, spices and remedies used by our ancestors are then co-opted and sold at a ridiculous profit margin at your local organic store.

In this workshop, we produced the zine “Goodbye Turmeric Latte” as a way to reclaim these health and beauty methods that our families and ancestors have used and shared with us, practices that we may continue today. From Korean skin-care routines to drinking coconut water, we wanted to open the conversation on how these health and beauty methods have been appropriated and made palatable to Western audiences, and the impacts and frustrations behind these experiences. The “Goodbye Turmeric Latte” zine has now been published and is available to be purchased from our zine collection.

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