Meet Our Team

Helen Yeung

Helen is an Auckland-based writer, zine-maker, and founder of Migrant Zine Collective. She is currently completing a Masters of Communication Studies, specialising in digital media, through activism and storytelling. She aims to make critical issues such as feminism, identity and equality, more accessible to marginalised communities.

Eda Tang

Eda is currently a Communications Studies student who devotes her interests to exploring the third culture experience as a second-generation migrant in New Zealand. She is a strong advocate for underserved communities and believes that every person deserves the opportunity to have their stories told.

Sammie Lee

Sammie is a zine-maker and wannabe children’s book illustrator. She believes zine-making is a raw and real way for people to share their life experiences through art – whether that’s about a certain Coffee Club waiter asking where she and her friends were “really” from (FYI, Central Auckland.) and her other experiences as a second-generation migrant. She is passionate about giving people-of-colour, both young and old, a platform for storytelling.

Abigail Dell’Avo

Abigail is in her last year of a Bachelor of Business and Communications. When she’s not busy eating her body weight in Thai food she can be found telling every 3rd person on the street about environmental issues and how they intersect with POC. Passionate about people, the planet and plants, she one day hopes to bring communities together to help save the planet.

Past Team Members

Sopanha Kham

Sopanha migrated to Aotearoa at the age of 13 from Cambodia, Sopanha has spent all her ‘youth’ in Wellington. She’s passionate about reclaiming her culture and also dealing with issues of representation in Aotearoa. Currently she’s working on her MFA on Architectural Identity in Cambodia.

Ivanova Anjani

Iva left Indonesia to complete a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science degree and “pursue a better life”. Yet, she has newfound appreciation for the history and culture of her homeland and hopes to someday share her story as a first-generation migrant. When she’s not chasing a scientific career, she’s at home practicing embroidery or cringing at YouTube videos.

Jasmin Singh

Jasmin is one of the organising members and workshop facilitator at Migrant Zine Collective. She believes zine-making provides an enjoyable space where activism and community meet. Jasmin is currently a postgraduate student doing her Masters in Criminology, and works as a part-time Graduate Teaching Assistant. In her spare time, she loves to read, peruse memes, and knit.

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