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Some of our zines are available online, read them here.

Memories of Mercury Plaza (2019)
In 2019, Mercury Plaza closed its doors to make way for Karangahape Station as part of the City Rail Link project by Auckland Council. Mercury Plaza has shared significance for many migrants of colour who arrived in Aotearoa in the mid-nineties, and continues to act as a reminder of home for newer migrants, with an array of restaurants which are reminiscent of street food stalls in Asia. In the light of this, Migrant Zine Collective collated “Memories of Mercury Plaza”, a zine to archive memories of the space.

Exploring Identity in Hong Kong (2019)

Snack Zine Club (2019)
Food plays an important social and cultural role for many migrants of colour. It is a way in which we interact with our families, show love to the people around us, teach people about our cultures, and how we remember our homes. Snack Zine Club was established by Helen Yeung and Eda Tang of Migrant Zine Collective, as a way of building solidarity and bringing together migrant communities in their love for snacks.

Unwritten Stories (2019)

Have You Ever Been With An Asian Woman Before? (2019)
“Have you ever been with an Asian woman before?” was collated by Helen Yeung in collaboration with Gemishka Chetty and Aiwa Pooamorn for an interactive art installation for First Thursdays in July, 2019. This zine aims to offer a space for Asian women to release their pent up anger on experiences of being exoticised, fetishised and treated as the Other, and celebrate their unruly, bold and unapologetic voices.

Racialised Memes 4 the Disoriented Teen (2019)

Goodbye Turmeric Latte (2019)
Living in diaspora, the health and beauty practices of people of colour have often been questioned and made fun of until they catch on to become popular Western fads. Herbs, spices and remedies used by our ancestors are then co-opted and sold at a ridiculous profit margin at your local organic store. “Goodbye Turmeric Latte” is a zine collated by Jasmin Singh and Helen Yeung which aims to reclaim these health and beauty methods that our families and ancestors have used and shared with us, practices that we may continue today.

What does being “Khmer” mean to you? (2018)

EAT IT ALL: The Official AAAH Zine (2018)

GEN M #3 “Migration, Feminism & Diaspora” (2018)

Musubi “An Exploration of Gender in Hong Kong” (2017)

GEN M #2 “移民一族” (2017)
Issue 2 of GEN M was collated by Helen Yeung in collaboration with Alice Canton’s award-winning theatre show OTHER [chinese], a large-scale community engagement project which investigated the complexity of Chinese identity in contemporary Aotearoa, examining the everyday lives, rituals, historical events, and memories of Chinese people in diaspora. The Chinese title “移民一族,” roughly translated to “the people of migration,” was given to the zine as a reflection of the shared experiences between the contributions, reflecting emotions behind alienation, displacement and a longing for home.

GEN M #1 “Generation Migrant” (2017)

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