My Story

By Abhi Chinniah Light skin, dark skin. The song of my childhood. Skin lightening soaps, creams, scrubs that would bleach and scrape my skin. You name it, I was given it. Scraping the dark off was a common conception of beauty when I was growing up. Fair was seen to be more beautiful, superior and in many instances it still is. It took a long … Continue reading My Story

A Seamstress and a Green Dress

By Ivanova Anjani from Unwritten Stories, 2019. It was the early 70’s in Indonesia. In a military man’s humble home in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, a little girl had just made a wallet out of fabric scraps from her mother’s sewing projects. A large grin formed as she held her first ever labour of love, which she constructed by carefully following the instructions found in Femina … Continue reading A Seamstress and a Green Dress

Beware of the old white grandpa at point chev beach

By Aiwa Pooamorn from Have You Ever Been With An Asian Woman Before?, 2019. Full title: Beware of the old white grandpa at point chev beach, he walks there every afternoon. If you go to point chev beach the one with the glory hole toilet an old white grandpa in a faded polo t-shirt grey slacks and leather jandals will tell you he is: lonely … Continue reading Beware of the old white grandpa at point chev beach


By Jasmin Singh from GEN M #1 “Generation Migrant”, 2017. As a migrant and member of the Indian diaspora, I find the notion of home to be confusing and loaded. Disjuncture’s of identity are common to migrants and those from diasporic cultures. Where are you from? Is often tied to difficulties in explaining my identity, I often pick the lie, the easy way out ‘I’m … Continue reading Home.